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    An amazing plush puppet that is easy to control and moves beautifully. Thanks to the buttons, it is easy to create a separate figure from the mationette. Suitable for small even adult. Material plush, cotton, wool, wood and love. Not suitable for washing machine, hand wash only.

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    The classic witch marionette, or if you want Baby Jagy with a scarf, is notorious for everyone from the many folk tales. The puppet is not scary and the children will love her!

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    Has the bell rung already for the Hunchback? Not in our fairy tale! One has just wandered over to us, who is tired of constantly travelling from village to village and ring the bells.. Well, and also scaring passers-by with his appearance..

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    Amazing plush puppet that is easy to use and it beautifully moves. Thanks to the nylon line, which is ended by a ball at the rocker arm, the individual strings can be easily unwound. Suitable for both big and small. Material plush and polystyrene. It is not suitable for washing machine, washing only by hand.

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    I am a beautiful, handmade wooden puppet for girls and boys who have already had three candles on the cake. I operate from above using a four-string rocker. It's easy.

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    The puppet is a large 45 cm plaster wood. It is controlled by wooden leash and thread, is fully functional, original, hand-painted, made of quality textiles and natural materials. A puppet can be a beautiful gift or a wonderful decoration for the apartment.

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Pohádka s.r.o.

Our company continues in a long tradition of Czech pupetry and stagecraft. We wants to present an assortment of Czech puppets, marionettes and also an artistic works from our famou theater authors and marionette makers. We have a store in  centre of Prague in Czech Republic a wonderfull land for more than 20 years. Lets see our amazing products!

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