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Has the bell rung already for the Hunchback? Not in our fairy tale! One has just wandered over to us, who is tired of constantly travelling from village to village and ring the bells.. Well, and also scaring passers-by with his appearance..

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High 35 cm
Wide 15 cm
Weight 1 kg
Colour brown, green
Material wood, resin, plaster

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Over the long years of his profession, he has everything in his pocket, that‘s why he is equipped with a set of keys, a wallet for small contributions, a lantern and the faithful mouse called Rozárka.

Despite the detailed work, technically we managed to make the puppet so that it could move almost by itself. Thanks to this, even amateur players will have a lot of fun with it, for example to play a home theater for your little ones. In the end, they might enjoy it so much that they too will play theater with their child. And you, in turn, are their offspring. And so on...

• The puppet's guiding system consists of a rocker and threads, and thus ensures the puppet's natural and easy-to-control motility.

• The materials used are a combination of wood and a special mixture of resins and paraffin developed by us, which makes our puppets durable and light. Then leather, cotton, wool, linen and other natural materials.

• Each puppet is a handmade original, and therefore we reserve the right to slight differences in the color or style of the materials and accessories used. However, we will always try to fully meet your requirements.

• A puppet is primarily a tool and should be treated like a tool. Before giving children a violin, for example, they need to be properly instructed in how to handle and care for it.

• With proper care, your puppet will last for generations and can increase in value over time.

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