About our company

Company Pohádka s.r.o. followed the long tradition of Czech puppetry and theater. He wants to present a wide range of Czech puppets and marionettes from the traditional to the works of art, from the works of our most famous theatrical authors and puppet makers. Another assortment consists of handmade wooden, laminated and fabric toys, as well as thematically related souvenirs. They are mainly traditional Czech mechanical toys, children's puzzles and puzzles. All these products develop children's skill, acumen, imagination and also help to teach fine and gross motor skills. We also offer traditional Czech and Slovak dolls and children's dolls in various designs. Since 1995, our toy company has expanded its range of Czech toys and children's goods to include the complete home-made production of large toy companies, small manufactories and toy companies, as well as artists engaged in children's creation, theater and giftware for children and art collectors. This toy shop is complemented by a range of children's products such as kits, chess, wooden and metal hand-made puzzles, replicas of historical weapons and Slavic hand-painted babushes. Our goal is to maximize the variety of offerings, especially Czech toy production.


The “Czech Creation” project was realized in 1993 in the historical center of Prague in order to effectively fulfill the business-philosophical intent of wide promotion of folk and art theater and film production. Czech products should thus increase the cultural level of the very center of Prague, as well as the reputation of the Czech capital as an important center of national and European culture. On such a conceived project we started to work with writers, painters and filmmakers of the world of children. Since 1997, we have substantially expanded our activities, which in addition to business activities have expanded to include cooperation with children's institutions, school offices and nurseries. We are currently operating in this house as a store owner of theatrical puppets, wooden toys and small souvenirs representing the complete Czech production of domestic toys and giftware manufacturers, as well as a chess shop with historical battles from Czech and world history, period replicas. and, last but not least, a small museum of puzzles.


The whole project of our toy company should continue to complement the business - cultural intent of the representation of Czech folk art and the promotion of children's themes. We are still working on expanding it to make the offer the best and most complete. We think it is a valuable and undoubtedly successful project.

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